Nokia N97 with Ported Firmware from C6-00 V42.0.004 (Latest)

There are many CFW but full with bugs. For example many CFW have full and mini qwerty virtual keyboard but video calls are disabled because stupid moders overwrite StaticFeatures.dll to enable one feature but disable another. Most of them do not know how to edit properly StaticFeatures.dll neither how to integrate properly other fixes and features.

Even if you find a bug free CFW working on 100% (there are only few in the Internet) they are so badly wasted with stupid splash screens, startup pictures, shutdown greetings, branded menus, stuffed with apps, nasty icons, unwanted keyboards that cause you facepalm. And almost all of them are not based on the latest software version for nokia C6-00 firmware v42.0.004 of C6-00, hence you get older browser, music player etc. Thereby this nokia N97 custom firmware is unique of its kind, based on last firmware v42.0.004 with all bug fixes, full and mini qwerty virtual keyboard, but no pollution with fluffy things and stuffing inside, clear and good to go. Original style without built in stupid splash screens, startup pictures, shutdown greetings, branded menus, unwanted apps, nasty icons, unwanted keyboards etc. After flashing you are free to install anytime your themes with icons, apps, patches, settings you like and configure is up to you. No need to bear someone else bad taste design just because is hardcoded inside! Clear nokia C6-00 custom firmware with all necessary bugfixes but no pollution inside. Many customizations can be added and removed after flashing, so no need to hardcode it within firmware (see additional patches)

Last but not least, only before flashing if you like you can add your own virtual qwerty keyboard with your language, no matter what German, Bulgarian, Italian, Urdu, Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, African et cetera. Just in few easy steps make your alphabet emerge on the virtual keyboard in order you like.

Download Latest Nokia N97 Ported Firmware from C6-00 V42.0.004


  • properly working hardware keyboard. No bugs on the physical buttons, button . (dot) works!
  • FM transmit and FM radio work flawless, no bugs no issues
  • music player with lyrics support works like a charm. Last version
  • full and mini qwerty virtual keyboard. Add any language you like (tutorial below how to add your own language)
  • 65MB free on C and 56MB free RAM after a hard reset
  • the last Nokia Browser, Symbian Anna one (v. works great and has the highest Flash Lite version!
  • original user agent in the browser. Web sites should open properly because not seeing your browser as Safari, Crome, iPhone etc. If you want web sites seeing you as different browser you can copy a custom user agent in c:\private\10202be9 anytime after
  • working Video Calls, Compass, TV Out, Video Sharing, 3D ringtones, XDM profiles, Help, working StaticFeatures.dll
  • call log up to 365 days
  • ability to rename applications
  • English as default language. Especially after Flashing the phone will boot in English language!
  • Nokia mobile dictionary with English menus without builtin dictionaries that cannot be removed. Anytime you can install dictionaries only you like. Here you are all original Nokia .sis dictionary collection NokiaMobileDictionary.zip
  • camera photos on 100% jpeg quality.
  • Original Nokia startup and shut down screens. No builtin stupid pictures. Only startup animation is voided for fast start
  • RomPatcher v3.1 built in. Phone is open but no built in patches! Just copy the patches in E:\Patches or C:\Patches. Here you are patch collection. RomPatches.zip
  • original Nokia icons and themes! No hardcoded dummy icons! If you need fluffy icons just install a theme with icons you like and uninstall when you like!
  • no hidden icons in the firmware! Many dull CFW hide some icons like Phone Search, MemoryCheck, Conversation, etc. They can be hidden anytime after flash with copying custom 101F8847.txt in C:\private\10202be9. Check the patch collection below
  • Original Nokia fonts!!! Allows using all possible languages on the phone! Many CFW moders build limited encoding fonts with less characters and screw some languages, that cause issues in chapter below “How to make own keyboard with your language” as phone is unable to visualize your language. These original fonts have only 2 symbols added, shutdown and restart in power button menu
  • if you want fancy looking menus you can copy own fonts anytime in E:\Resource\Fonts. Connect as mass storage to copy or delete your custom fonts. Do not put fonts in C:\Resource\Fonts because is unable to delete it. Fonts.rar
  • original kinetic scroll. Original rotating sensitivity. It can be changed anytime after copying a custom setting in C:\private\10202be9
  • no removed apps like search, drawing, phone switch, image editor etc.
  • 5 shortcut widgets instead of only 2
  • option "Locking screen and keyboard" has been replaced with "Restart" in the power button menu
  • builtin – touch screen unlock, BTSwitch, Accel Switch, timer, flashlight, MenuSwitch (switch grid on 4x5, 4x4, 3x4) KeyLock and Tap2Screen
  • Qt version 4.7.3, PIPS 1.07(5), QtMobility 1.01(302), Open C LIBSSL Common 1.07(0), SQLite3 0.50(0), QtWebKit 4.07(3)
  • and many bugfixes and overall optimized performance and stability with last nokia’s firmware masterpiece
  • add effects you like anytime after flash. Put it in C:\Resource\effects. Effects.rar

20 Patches Collection.rar after flashing put a custom patch you like, anytime with coping .txt file in appropriate folder.
Nokia PC Suite find the phone and works well.


Nokia maps completely functional

Nokia maps is not built in by some reasons:

  • PC Nokia Suite wont find Nokia Maps properly on your phone, hereby you cannot install maps and voices from PC
  • builtin Nokia Maps cause bugs. For example you can download maps thru WiFi directly but can’t download voices
  • builtin apps are not good idea from flexibility point of view. You cannot install another version you like, neither last one, and have to stick with the builtin version

Here you can download latest software version for nokia C6-00 and see how Nokia Maps can work flawless when you install it as standalone app. Here is the last official version signed by nokia “Nokia Ovi Maps 3.06(688) 11wk23 b05”.

Install Nokia Maps as soon as possible after flashing before installing any others apps. Delete E:\cities. The way for proper install is to unpack the main package, install the 3 packages inside and then install the main package. So install as it’s:

Do not mess the order, do not install following package before the previous. Recommended to turn on RomPatches Open4All, InstallServer, NoBuiltInError. Known issues: skipping of 1, 2, 3 and direct installation of Nokia Ovi Maps 3.06(688) 11wk23 b05 could be successful but it may give error and then the installation is messed up.
After Nokia Ovi Maps installation, you can open PC Nokia Suite and install maps.


Synchronizations of places work well. Open desktop Google Earth Desktop www.google.com/earth/explore/products/desktop.html, give closer view on a place, press Ctrl+Shift+C, open www.here.com and sign in your account and paste Ctrl+V the location. Save the point. Then on your phone Nokia Maps -> Favorites -> Syncronize and all points will download.

How to make own virtual full and mini keyboard with your language?

Use NokiaCooker v3.4. There is a plugin called “Nokia QWERTY-Keyboard Editor”. Look in plugin folder or find it separately. With NokiaCooker open RM-505_22.0.110_prd.core.C00.

After in NokiaCooker folder you will find your nokia N97 custom firmware in “Files” folder.

Start Nokia QWERTY-Keyboard Editor and open file \resource\plugins\peninputvkbwindowconfiginfo_01.rsc.

Now select Other and Other(|) and type all letters which you want to have on the keyboard.

How to Flash? Or revive a dead phone and bring it alive when you kill it and won’t boot.

There are many tutorials in the Internet any of them about JAF will be fine. Here is a good one http://phorepoc.eu/modding/guides/how-to-flash-with-jaf.html

  • Put all files from the archive in Program Files\Nokia\Phoenix\Products\RM-505\
  • Install JAF in Program Files\ODEON\JAF\
  • Before Flash you can change your product code as 0570817 using JAF. Here is how to do it http://www.techcredo.com/symbian/change-n97-product-code
  • How to flash? Put the settings as is on the screenshot, a dialog will popup and select RM-505.


  • Turn off your phone, put it on the charger and wait for a moment when display light and beeps. Then quickly connect the phone to the USB cable and press Flash. Be quick or the phone will not be found by JAF. This method will work even if you mess up the nokia n97 custom firmware. Do NOT press the power button. There is another approach with pressing the power button but it not works with dead phones. No worries if you kill the phone and won’t boot you can flash it again with that method.

Tribute to Nokia N97

Nowadays you can still buy brand new Nokia N97 with all features that you can’t find it in any other phone. In 2014 I bought my 3th Nokia N97 for $130 (cheaper than first one for $900) because I didn’t found alternative. If you know other phone including all these features please show it and get $1000 prize:

  • 3,5” display but not higher than 4" cause is not comfty except I'm not gonna paddle with it
  • 32GB internal memory + 64GB external microSD (formatted properly). Overall 100 GB phone!
  • free offline GPS + compass. The golden goose is the free offline maps. Online navigation that GoogleMaps provide is only for the cities when the phone is on charger and has coverage and internet. Online navigation when hiking or cycling is big no-no. Transmitting packages in internet thru GPRS cost 600 mAh, packages in 3G cost 400 mAh, now you can guess how quick your battery will drain. And what about when there is no coverage and internet? On such distant and wild place you really rely on your GPS and it will leave you in the bog? GoogleMaps can cache only small region so you have to know where you going before to take the road or to stick within that area. Good example how a program rules the user but not vice versa. Nokia Maps has full countryside offline maps, cost free, and is one of the best maps ever, with very precise updating speed cameras saving me a lot of demerit points from my driver licence :) besides I like to browse on my PC with Google Earth and do the trick on the place I see Ctrl+Shift+C and then in www.here.com paste coordinates Ctrl+V in my account, then in my phone Nokia Maps -> Favorites -> Syncronize and all points are downloaded and I’m ready to spinning away. Nokia N97 is real adventure phone that never left me when I crossed the globe, many continents and oceans, explored jungles and coastal islands, and never felt lost at so many places on earth
  • battery replacement. In contrast of current phones on the market when battery is over you need a whole toolbox to perform complex service work to open and put a new battery, recommended to do in laboratory conditions, all this is called “phone disassemble” and have nothing to do with the notion “battery replacement”. A good moment to understand the difference is when you are in a deep jungle, battery is dead, no worries you have a couple of spare batteries in your pocket. Ops where are my tools and screwdriver? Left at home? Bye bye GPS, hello walk in circle
  • hardware keyboard. Along with 2 virtual qwerty keyboard, physical keyboard is vital for every business phone. When I edit documents, texting, writing etc. I need to see all text on full screen while typing and thinking about the gist of the passage. Do not want to switch every second between document and virtual keyboard typing.
  • hardware D-pad with buttons. Very handy when play games, especially old school classic game emulators like SEGA, Nintendo, GameBoy, Mame etc. On phones without hardware keyboard the gamepad is on the screen, but excuse me… I am not the Invisible Man and my hands are not transparent yet, so no matter how big is the screen I want to enjoy on full surface of the game screen. And no need to talk about how handy is the touch screen control.
  • Bluetooth keyboard can replace the two items above? Nope, thanks, no need to carry bulky cases in my pocket as second wallet. Furthermore will face Murphy's law every time when I open the bluetooth keyboard to find the battery dead because haven’t been charged long time ago. Even don’t want to talk about the time to wait for pair or connect the keyboard to the phone especially when I need a quick type just for second to check something fast and go.
  • great audio quality frequency graph. Check here www.gsmarena.com/nokia_n97-review-363p7 the frequency chart is so smooth and flat touching perfect frequency range that can be compared with high quality mp3 players
  • high quality camera optic as Carl Zeiss 5Mpx or more. 5Mpx is fair enough with good optic. No need 15 or 50Mpx cause I’m not going to print the photos on a billboard. Zoom is much more than bunch of megapixels, its matter of optic too despite most people don’t understand this buying 40Mpx phones mistaking Megapixels like zoom.
  • phone as pocket PC. Must be opened from any PC as regular file system and fully operational to upload all kind of files like mp3 pdf doc images books games etc. and be readable for the phone’s programs. No need to put it on google drive, drop boxes, juke boxes, sand boxes and all kind of cloud and cosmic drives

How to make backup, mirror on your S60v5 Symbian phone?

After flash no need to reinstall and configure dozens of apps. Just make mirror backup, flash your phone and copy the mirror above. Don’t forget to make backup of your phone book and SMSes with PC suite.

1. make backup of C:\PRIVATE\200113dd\content\matrixmenudata.xml!

2. Rompatcher start Open4All+

3. with JBtaskman stop these processes





4. with X-plore copy whole C: in E:\ and after take it on your PC as mass memory. Do the same and for E:\

How to make restore mirror, recover your S60v5 Symbian phone?

After flash no need to reinstall and configure dozens of apps. Just make mirror backup, flash your phone and copy the mirror above. Don’t forget to make backup of your phone book and SMSes with PC suite.

1. connect as mass memory and delete everything from ?:

2. copy E:\patches and ActiveFile and JBtaskman on E:\

3. copy C:\ backup somewhere on E:\

4. turnoff and flash

5. Rompatcher start Open4All+

6. install ActiveFile and setup to see all Hidden files.

7. with JBtaskman stop these processes





8. copy over C:\ the backup from where you copied in E:\

9. connect as mass memory and copy backup over on E:\

10. restart

11. to make work patches delete .cre in C:\Private\10202be9\persists\ on these patches you added 101F8557.CRE 101F861B.CRE 101F87A3.CRE 101F8847.CRE 101FFCD2.CRE 10281872.CRE 10282EDC.CRE 10283344.CRE

move same .txt from C:\Private\10202be9\ to the PC

start RomPatcher OpenAll+ (c2z don’t run)


now return same .txt in C:\Private\10202be9. Restart. If the patch which is .txt get active will generate corresponding .cre file and then you will know whether the patch is accepted and run successfully.

13. restore again C:\Private\200113dd\content\matrixmenudata.xml (but not in mass memory yet) from the backup because after mass memory the icons of the widgets are mixed

14. restart

15. unfortunately all Java app are broken, so uninstall manually (as delete it from the phone) all Java app and install is again. It will not work to install it again because at every installation Java app generate random ID, so if you install it again merely will have two copies in the phone of same Java app and you will pollute your phone.

How to uninstall manually Java .jar file?

1. find in \Private\102033E6\MIDlets\ where are *.jar and *.jad files. Name is the same as you installed it. The directory in which they are in, is the ID. Delete the directory

2. in \Private\10003a3f\import\apps\ delete all *.rsc of the Java app if any

3. also check in \Private\10003a3f\import\apps\NonNative\Resource\. Delete ICON*.MBM file too, ID_loc.rsc and ID_reg.rsc. How to understand which .MBM belongs? This is written into ID_loc.rsc

4. in \Private\10203636\ find .xml file if that ID (written inside) and delete .xml file

5. in all subdirectories of C:\Private\10282475\E and C:\Private\10282475\C for example C:\Private\10282475\E\6515b203\ C:\Private\10282475\C\6515b203\ C:\Private\10282475\E\60b25617\ delete both ID.reg files. Each Java app has 2 .reg files. How to understand which they are? Open it one by one and see the name of the Java app inside

6. in C:\Private\100012a5\ DBS_102045FE_MIDP2SystemAMSStaticV2 and DBS_102045FE_MIDP2SystemAMSUserV2 are list of installed Java apps. If you know how to edit then OK. But if you don’t then leave it. If you delete it all Java apps will break and you will need to uninstall manually all Java apps and install it again

7. after delete \SYS\INSTALL\sisregistry\backup.lst and restart phone. And Java app is gone

How to uninstall manually widget .wgz file?

1. go in widgets directory \Private\1028282Inside are folders of every widget. How to understand which widget which folder is? The installed widget rename it from .wgz to .zip and look what files are inside. Thus we see which widget which files and folder belong (if it’s not written on the folder). Delete its folder. If we install same widget and uninstall it this will not fix it because it will install as second name and we will have two duplicated widgets installed as the first one will stay broken. This is because during installation a random ID is generated, so you will have 2 same widgets with 2 different ID like 2 different apps

2. in the folder will find .mbm file. For example [2000dcc9].mbm. Go in \Private\10003a3f\import\apps\NonNative\Resource\ and delete it. If there isn’t in \Private\10282822, then it’s deleted, then see the ID from the list of installed apps. Then in \Private\10003a3f\import\apps\NonNative\Resource\ delete [ID].mbm file.

3. same in \Private\10003a3f\import\apps\NonNative\Resource\ delete ID_loc.rsc and ID_reg.rsc. Delete and .MBM file too, ID_loc.rsc and ID_reg.rsc. How to understand which .MBM belongs to the widget? This is written into ID_loc.rsc

4. after delete \SYS\INSTALL\sisregistry\backup.lst and restart phone. And the widget is gone

How to uninstall manually .sis file?

1. from SIS Contents see Package ID of the program. For example 0x10202BE9

2. unpack the .sis file and from .pkg script see which files are installed

3. open in C or E (depends where you installed it) \private\10202BE9 in example. Delete program files. It is possible to have another files belonging to other program with same ID. So be careful to don’t delete wrong files.

4. delete and all other program files in others directories

5. in C and ? \SYS\INSTALL\sisregistry\10202BE9 has .reg and .ctl files. If there is only one program with ID 10202BE9 then there will be only one .reg file. But if there are other programs with that ID then will have many .reg files. For example delete our .reg and corresponding .ctl file. As we open it will see which one is for delete. Be careful to don’t delete wrong .reg and .ctl

6. important: When install some Symbian files it makes hash (checksum) of installed files and keeps it in C:\SYS\HASH\ So we must delete these files manually. If we don’t delete it in the next installing of the same .sis will get error because it will see that hash exist in C:\SYS\HASH\ Thereby all files from the package must be deleted from C:\SYS\HASH\

7. \SYS\INSTALL\sisregistry\backup.lst is a list of installed apps. Our program is in the list but we can’t delete it from backup.lst. If you run now uninstall King will crash because in the list exist app which files are deleted. So the only way is to delete backup.lst and to run Nokia Install manager. Then it will recreate backup.lst again.


Before going further down to the link I would like to praise a ton of people that helped into making this firmware a reality. Although none of these people helped directly their information and knowledge that they shared on various forums and blogs made this firmware become a reality. Mohamed Hegazy, Coderus, IaguCool, PNHT, IC@Darkstream, duybinh24, Phorepoc, operator_555, Dedushka.

Copyright Notice.

This work is released for free and as it is. Free for personal use and non-commercial, free to share.

Not for commercial use.

If you want to publish this custom firmware somewhere else, then kindly ask for permission first, it's a lot of hard work so do respect that.. Link your post to the original post here and don't mirror the download links.

For more information, updates, support, bug report or research issues please refer to NokiaN97@cybercom.com.au or www.cybercom.com.au/Nokia-N97-ported-C6-v42-latest-firmware.