Best cost effective bulk SMS Australia solution for sending bulk SMS to cellphones from your website or send SMS from desktop PC directly for FREE at no additional cost. We are not selling a 3rd party gateway through us or something like that, we are not charging per SMS as many other SMS solutions do. Cybercom SMS software is stand–alone, working independently on your PC/website and doesn't need anything outside your network and your resources, unlike many others SMS solutions using external functionalities to send SMS

How to broadcast SMS from Excel or how to send bulk SMS from computer using our bulk SMS software

To use bulk SMS service Australia download our PC bulk sms gateway software and select a device:
  • 3G modem USB and install supplied drivers. For example Huawei E3131 or E173;
  • or mobile phone (except Android) and install modem divers for your phone or PC Suite;
  • or GSM modem for serial port (MC52i MC55i etc.), it doesn't need driver at all;
Download and install Cybercom SMS software, run SMS Config, set device and settings. Run SMS Cybercom, select SMS from file or SMS from Excel. It could be text file .txt, .csv, xls, .xlsx, .xml, and many others. Click Generate SMS and then Start Desktop SMS. Use SMS Observer if you want to monitor the SMS processing. Use Reports and Statistics to analyze SMS broadcast.

How to broadcast bulk SMS from your website and send free bulk SMS, using our simple bulk SMS gateway solutions

All kind of websites, can easy integrate our bulk SMS service, cheap small business websites on budget hosting as shopping websites, travel websites, health dental websites, automotive websites, training educational websites, financial websites sending bulk sms for debt collecting.
Our SMS broadcast software is suitable for all kind of small business bulk SMS marketing or permanent real-time SMS advertising. All you need is 3G/GSM modem and SIM card.
Our innovative bulk SMS software allows to send free bulk SMS campaigns and dispatch personalized bulk SMS advertising contents to groups of recipients in scope of one SQL request with our simple bulk SMS gateway solutions.
  • low price - SIM starts from $30 unlimited SMS per month or 365 Days. Flexible, do not require subscription, instantly activated, for short bulk SMS marketing campaigns or perennial service;
  • secure - works in your closed network control and security. Not connecting to external gateways or services. Unlike other SMS solutions that send your sensitive data SMSes through gateways in India, China, Brazil etc.
  • no need to revamp your current website,
    no programming needed, save your budget, do it yourself it is independent module;
  • easy to install and easy to remove, just copy paste the files, it is ready for SMS broadcast;
  • try for free fully functional bulk sms software;
  • send SMS simultaneously up to 5 different websites at same time, in real-time.
  • Send messages longer than 160 characters. Most operators allows upto 1376 characters, or more.
  • Send flash SMS that pop-up opened, on the phone’s screen, without any user action. In contrast normal SMS goes directly into Inbox and the user don't see it until not open it.

Send 2FA sms from your website SQL database, as you broadcast sms from your computer or send bulk SMS from PC

With our Web To SMS Service in your website you send bulk SMS from PC, located in your home or office, for free. Our Web SMS broadcast software gives you 3 functional tabs as follow:
Bulk SMS service tab generates personalized SMS messages at once.  Hereby your website send bulk SMS from PC, suitable for short term bulk SMS marketing campaigns like occasional promotions, announcing offers, incidental informative content, casual advertising, etc.
Automatic SMS tab keep a SQL statement for automatically and continuously broadcast SMS at given time intervals, just like any bulk SMS gateway solutions. Suitable for real time SMS broadcast like 2FA security validation code for websites, two-factor authentication sms, flowing notifications, reminders, ongoing events, monitoring, clearance sales, birthday specials. Do not forget to UPDATE the people, who have been SELECT-ed for SMS, otherwise same people will receive repeating SMS on every time interval when SQL is executed. The time interval of executing SQL can be changed in SMS Config.
Inbox tab shows the incoming SMSes.
Our bulk sms marketing software combined with bulk SMS online Web Design for shops turns into powerful bulk sms solution for e-commerce bulk sms advertising:
  • low cost of efficient communication with the possibility of full automation related to text messages sending.
  • building relationship with clients and partners bears interest in brand attachment.
  • SMS solutions deliver comfort of transaction flow.
  • Bulk SMS marketing messages as new periodical promotion concerned with the shop’s Customer e.g.:
    ,, Dear John! On your birthday you get a gift voucher worth $30 which you can use in our shop. When ordering, enter the discount code : 'AU321'"
  • Personalized SMS messages confirming an order e.g.:
    ,, Dear Sarah! Thank you for placing an order in our shop. Soon we will send you further information regarding your order status."
  • Automatic SMS message to administrator with the information of new order e.g.:
    ,, Hi! On an order for amount of $154 has been placed."
  • Mass SMS marketing broadcast notifications of order status change e.g.:
    ,, Hi! Your order 3461 has been sent through courier at 12:45. Parcel number: AU123456"
  • Bulk SMS informing about new promotions in the shop e.g.:
    ,, Only in July 15% discount on all company’s products…! We encourage you to visit our internet shop on"
Web Design combined with our mass sms marketing software can send free bulk SMS in tourism branch as:
  • prestigious brand positioning as an opened to modern communication channels following new technological trends.
  • perfect marketing tool that reaches exactly to a selected group of Clients.
  • lower costs born on the maintenance and agency promotion.
  • building brand awareness within prospective Clients.
Applicable to:
  • SMS notifications containing the details concerned with departure/ turnout e.g.:
    ,, We want to remind that departure from London airport takes place at 8:30 on 14rd June 2013. See you!"
  • Informing Clients via texts messages about new offers consistent with their expectations e.g.:
    ,, Dear Emily! Only to 6th December 20% discount on 10-days stay in Katoomba, Sydney, Family hotel * * *."
  • SMS campaigns promoting LAST MINUTE offers e.g.:
    ,, It’s been only 4 days left! 20% discount on trip to Australia! All inclusive, * * * * hotel, Uru."
  • Clients' notification via SMS about the reservation and SMS confirmation about payment made e.g.:
    ,, Your reservation has been accepted. Please enter advance money in amount of $900 to 10th June 2012"
Our online sms software could be used to bulk sms for debt collecting in finance and insurance as:
  • effective mobile marketing.
  • building the image of the company which is concerned for high service standards, where fast communication and formalities arrangement for Client good are the priority.
  • positioning the brand as prestigious - using new technologies in business.
SMS notifications in lease are as follows:
  • Effective contact tool with debtor.
  • increasing the efficiency of employees.
  • lowering the operating costs of debt collection company.
Applicable to:
  • SMS notifications about an upcoming termination of your insurance policy e.g.:
    ,, We remind that in a month your insurance policy validity expires. Please contact us on telephone number xxx to extend the deadline of your policy."
  • Text notifications about application examining e.g.:
    ,, We would like to inform You, that Your credit application has been positively considered."
  • SMS notifications with the confirmation of electronic reservation of appointments or reminders about upcoming events within e.g.:
    ,, We want to remind about an appointment with our supervisor on Monday, 24th Feb, at 13:30."
  • SMS information about a necessity to pay the next installment of insurance policy.
  • SMS campaigns informing about special offers e.g.:
    ,, Only now, additional 20% discount on insurance by paying in advanced for the entire year! Please come to the nearest agent 123."
  • SMS notifications about a necessity to pay debt to the creditor.
  • Creditor notifications of payment request from the debtor e.g.:
    ,, We would like to inform that on 20th July 2013 we sent a payment request of an amount of $624,80 to Your debtor."
  • Notifications about an entered payment e.g.:
    ,, We want to inform that we have entered an amount of $624.Thank you for timely payment!"
  • Notifications about a final date of payment and the amount to be paid e.g..:
    ,, We would like to inform you, that the payment deadline of the amount of $624 expires on 26th June 2013."
Our sms broadcast software can help medical industry:
  • lower costs of health center maintenance by eliminating unnecessary phone calls, which generate savings.
  • maintenance of income at an expected level by eliminating "empty hours".
  • building the image of consulting room as a modern place, where patient health is the priority.
  • improve the efficiency of reception.
Applicable to:
  • Discount on periodical medical tests and vaccinations via texts messages e.g.:
    ,, From the beginning of the year almost 1600 flu cases! Do not wait and have yourself and your family vaccinated!"
  • Inform patients via text messages about ready for collection tests results e.g.:
    ,, We invite you to ZMED clinic, room no. 13, to collect your blood tests results."
  • Text messages notifications informing about upcoming medical appointment or its cancellation e.g.:
    ,, We remind you about your tomorrow appointment in ZMED dental clinic. Appointment date: Friday - 13st July at 09:15."
Our bulk SMS service Australia can broadcast sms to help in education and training as follows:
  • prestigious brand positioning among universities and companies, which presents the innovative approach to communication, treating as a priority building an informative society and using innovative technologies in their business.
  • possibility of low cost promotion of educational offer among directly interested.
  • effective communication with universities’ students and potential or actual Clients of training companies.
Applicable to:
  • Reminder of impending maturity.
  • SMS notifications about payment arrears.
  • Invitation to additional workshops, conferences and meetings by means of text messages.
  • SMS notifications informing about changes in schedule and exams dates e.g.:
    ,, We inform that there has been a change of lecture hall – Automation lecture will take place in the assembly hall at 8:30."
  • Information about the progress in learning:
    ,, We would like to inform you that today Your son has got the following grades: mathematics (B), English (A), history (B+). Best regards, School Principal."
  • SMS notifications about election results announcement:
    ,, Dear John! Congratulations for being admitted to our university – please collect your student card!"
Our sms broadcasting software can broadcast sms to help automotive branch as follows:
  • improving the quality of service.
  • lower costs for Clients’ information and promotions.
  • building consumer loyalty via text messages’ special actions and promotions.
  • fast communication with the Client.
  • building the image of a modern and highly specialized company, which uses modern technologies also in Clients’ service.
  • possibility to transfer the most important information via SMS notifications.
Applicable to:
  • SMS as soft/hard vindication form e.g.:
    ,, We want to remind about upcoming payment date."
  • Marketing SMS e.g.:
    ,, We want to remind about tyre replacement necessity. Only now, attractive prices in tyre replacement with the possibility for seasonal tyres’ storage. See details on www. ..."
  • SMS messages containing the reminder about technical reviews or air-conditioning maintenance e.g.:
    ,, We want to remind, that on Monday – 2th November passes the validity of Your car technical review. Please come on Friday – 8th November at 09:30."
  • SMS messages compatible with computer system e.g. CRM informing the employees about a particular activity status change.
  • SMS campaigns promoting new cars’ models launched, Open days and sales e.g.:
    ,, In connection to the premiere of our new car model. We invite you to our car showroom for open days from 23 to 26 July."
Our SMS solutions for business trade and bulk SMS broadcast in supply chain provide as follows:
  • possibility to get feedback from selected target group, opinion about the company and the offer – interaction between the consumer and brand.
  • provide the Client with a reliable communication channel.
  • efficient and effective internal communication.
  • building the brand position as applying modern marketing channels.
  • fast, time balanced communication with the consumer related to information distribution concerned with promotions and special offers.
Applicable to:
  • SMS messages as company’s internal communication e.g.:
    ,, We would like to inform that on 1st May in xxx health center at 03:30 PM there will be periodic medical examinations. We ask you to be present."
  • SMS notifications informing about the possibility to receipt goods e.g.:
    ,, We invite you to collect your order, number 648 to our office at Queen Street no. 3."
  • SMS campaigns with the information about promotions and sales e.g.:
    ,, Only till the end of October we lower the prices of all the summer collection product! Please, come to the nearest shop ..."
Our business sms solutions help many marketing agencies with online sms broadcasting alerts australia as:
  • providing a client with efficient solutions supporting sale.
  • campaigns well balanced in time which translates into getting to the client in the most proper moment for the company.
  • unlimited possibility to use creative solutions.
  • building the brand image as using modern marketing tools.
  • possibility of precise personalization of SMS content - message adjustment to a specific recipient.
  • extending an offer of modern marketing tools, that reach directly selected target group with promoting messages.
Applicable to:
  • Contests, games, surveys, loyalty programs using SMS as a communication channel with the consumer.
  • New offers presentation.
  • Creative advertising campaigns taking the advantage of SMS.
  • SMS campaigns supporting the organization of mass events e.g.:
    ,, The latest revelation of American rock music scene - see and listen on the next Sunday at the Sydney Opera House Start 19.30!"
Our bulk sms marketing for transport software helps transport and logistics companies to broadcast bulk SMS as follows:
  • communication improvement within the company.
  • low cost of reaching with the information directly to the Client.
  • immediate and efficient communication with the Client.
  • automation of information processes, the possibility to integrate SMS notifications with your own CRM through API application.
  • improving the quality of customer service.
Using this bulk SMS sending software is applicable to:
  • SMS notifications about an amount to be paid and currier delivery time e.g.:
    ,, We would like to inform that the currier will deliver your consignment number AU675 today at about 14.30 and 15.30 o’clock to the indicated address. Please, prepare the amount of $74."
  • SMS notifications about consignment status.:
    ,, Hi. We inform you that a consignment number AU675 has already been sent from Sydney to Melbourne."
  • Communication between couriers and headquarters using text messages, which enables sending immediate information to many employees at one request.
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100% CLEAN award granted by Softpedia.
Softpedia guarantees Cybercom bulk SMS software with 100% Clean award, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors. Our PC sms software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean; therefore, it can be installed with no concern by any computer user. Cybercom SMS Software has been tested in the Softpedia labs using several industry leading security solutions and found completely clean of adware/ spyware components....
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Web Design plus bulk SMS broadcast marketing and advertising campaigns.
There’s absolute confidence that tools like SMS, and mobile technology normally, have modified the approach within which we tend to communicate in our personal lives. The potency and compact nature of SMS allows Australia to speak quickly, while not trouble, and in an exceedingly very direct approach....
February 7, 2014
Eight things you must know before choosing a web design company
Websites can be one of the greatest tools for a business, but if you go down a path that is not a good match for your purpose and budget it can be an expensive and time consuming nightmare. Buying a website can be tricky, simply because sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know and that can make it difficult to ask the right questions....